FTH:The royal Legacy





Queen Flame III(Flashback)

One day In the Hedgehog Kingdom...

Flame:*taking a nap on the throne chair**Snoring*


Flame:^falls out of chair*oof!

Klame:Dad!You Promised to teach me how to Be a Good Queen!

Flame:*Yawns*I did didnt I?Ok.

Lockout:Flame!You did Make a Promis to Klame.

Flame:Ok ok ok ok ok.Lets go

Later on the Palaces roof...

Flame:listen Klame...When Me and Your Mother die....You and Someone You are best friends with will Rule the Kingdom as Queen and King.

Klame:Really?you mean me and Jersey Will Get married in the future?

Flame:If fate Decides it then Yes.

Klame:Sounds Nasty

Flame:Well Your Mother and I Thought the same thing.

Klame:You mean You and Mom were Once Best Friends?!?!?

Flame:Yep...We were Like Bitter Siblings.but we always got picked on By Uncle Torch and Aunt Leaf.

Klame:Arent they your Brother and Sister?

Flame:Yes....They are...But before you were born,Your aunt and Uncle Were Killed in a Fire and I had to be adopted By Your Mom.

Klame:Then How did you two Get married?

Flame:I wasnt her adopted brother.We were scheduled for marriage long before I was Adopted.

Flame:I was a Cheerful,Fun Loving Hedgehog With a Light hearted Attitude.I grew Up A Prince and Was Desprate To be a King when I was 6.Before I became King,My Mother and Father were Killed in a Shooting In the Kingdoms Streets.There were only 3 deaths.But Your Grandmothers last words Still Haunt me.

Queen Flame III:Flame My Son....You must Live With Your Brother and Sister.Or else Your Death will be imminent.

Flame:*Holds his head*


Flame:Im okay.Lets go in